Exporting Revit elements to AutoCAD with specific layers

Hello everyone,

I guess i lost my faith in finding solution to this.
Is there a way to export Revit items from the Revit file to specific layers in AutoCAD in the case if i have Public Library and I want to export this projector to AutoCAD, but provided that the chairs are sorted by a special layer within the files of AutoCAD and offices with a special layer and shelves with a special layer …
In other words, I want to create AutoCAD layers according of Revit type or the Parameter ?

Thank you in advanced

Unless you implement a custom export process and write the DXF/DWG yourself, I think your only other alternative is to tinker with the default export settings:

Try adding one of the available modifiers and see if that helps differentiate elements. For example use Dynamo to add each type to a different workset (bad bim >.<), name the workset after the type name add the {Workset} modifier to the desired category.


thank you i will try but some times one of the customer requirements to get cad files with special layers names

You could try using LinkDWG package to write geometry from Revit to AutoCAD with no export. You’d have to be VERY brave to attempt this though.

It might be easier to rename layers after the fact programmatically.

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