Parametric trusses and point management

I was wondering if someone could possibly show the use of Andreas’ paneling helpers. I’ve managed to build the trusses under but it seems that it have to be a simpler and smarter way of doing things than I’ve done. Guess I’m after best practice methods for creating trusses in Dynamo.

Space truss


You have a dyf of this awesome example?

Well, I have a .dyn file, but I don’t want to make a .dyf out of it as it is not stable enough. The way Dynamo treats surface normals for instance, can be a pain in the ass for someone who doesn’t know better…(speaking for myself.) But if your interested you can view the script here:

Jostein: What aspect of the paneling helpers should I shed some light on? :wink:

Everything! No, As it’s some time ago I’ve posted this, I can’t recall actually. If not to big an inquiry it would be nice to see an example of your helpers in use, though. Just as an overview. Maybe there are examples on this forum already?

(Since i posted I got a long way by using Colin McCrone’s Zip List node to alternate between points along two lines.)

I just had a look at them again. It seems they are only being used internally in some of my Paneling nodes for list formatting. If you’re inetersted in how they work your best bet would be to take apart some of the nodes in Clockwork.Paneling.Patterns - that’s where they are being used. Not very helpful answer, I know… :frowning: