Is a sample file from the video "computational design with Dynamo" available?


Im wondering if there is a sample file used in the video found on the front page of the Dynamobim website publicly available. I’ve benefited quite a lot from zach krons sample files that he uses to demonstrate dynamo’s capabilities such as the stadium and bridge files, and would like to look at the file used for demonstration in the “Computational Design with Dynamo” video.

Thanks in advance!!!

Hello Tchunno,

I have tried to recreate it. I think it is pretty close. The Trusssystem has driven me crazy and the graph looks crazy but it is working. Two changes:

- I have used the same truss for the entire system. In the example, the first and the last trusses are different.
- I have used a diffent vector for the truss height. I think in the example, they used the normal of the points on the curve, as vector. But I don’t know how I can figured it out in Dynamo. So I used the center poits of the arcs as vector.


If someone could tell us, how the normal of the points can be generated, please post.




I’m sure, my graph is not optimiezed. If someone could tell us how it can be imporved, please post.


It would be great to have a database, a topic or a section on the Page, with Dynamo files and some explanations for researching.

Often I have seen on the web some interesting dynamo stuff with not enough explanation, to understand it.

Sorry, I have missunderstood your post ^^

My file looks like this example: