Lacing in Dynamo

Hi all,

I've just put up a couple of posts describing the behaviour of Lacing in Dynamo, on my new blog: More to come!

Best regards


Yes, it's great to see Dynamo developing in so many different directions.

I'll be re-writing some of the old posts to take advantage of the new functionality, and adding in some new stuff that I've been working on since. And there'll probably be some non-Dynamo bits in there as well...

Thanks David, I don't write as much as I used to. You know, life :) I only got into Dynamo recently (seen it around "birth" at AU 2011) so any learning resource is extremely welcome. I've read your old posts and you sure did a lot of work! It seems Dynamo has matured to a point where a lot of the things you had to sweat and tear through seem to have become easier now for users. I'm looking forward to playing around, even if as a hobby, although I hope we can take advantage of these tools to continue pushing for more amazing designs.

Thanks, Matt,

Just trying to keep pace with the rapid release cycle. It's great seeing so much new functionality, but it's challenging! Some of my 'old' stuff doesn't work any more (sad face), but it needs re-coding anyway to take advantage of, e.g. Lacing (happy face).

Incidentally, is there a public roadmap for development?



Hey thanks, Dave: Just another few rocks on the heap. It must take dedication to write do-u-revit: That's truly Awesome!

Thanks a lot Matt, added to my list!

David W,

Good to see you jumping back into Dynamo! Please let us know what you think of the new tools. We have a newer version coming out for RTC NA next week as well so stay tuned.

David B, check out David W's old blog at


Awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing and welcome to the blogosphere I guess :) Already added you to my feeds and will also add you to my blog's roll.