Update code to process multiple pairs of Points

The code for the computational truss is pretty well generalized but I’m having a lot of trouble modifying it to accept a list of pairs of points instead of just a single pair of points at a time. I know it should be possible but I might have to further refine my code for it to accept a list of points. The preview lines generate smoothly from the list of pairs but the code reacts unpredictability. I’m not sure exactly how to approach modifying it so that it’s configured correctly.

I’m currently on REVIT 2017 and Dynamo 1.3.2 when I checked this morning.

Update 2: added code

Final update:
Happily I can report spending more time packaging the code into a defined function completed the computational truss function like I wanted.

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@PerfectArchCo could you post your dyn and rvt?

I updated the OP with the requested info.

P.S. When I posted that comment on Linkedin I suspected someone from the Dynamo forums might see it. Made me smile.

No takers on this eh? I would have thought that would be an exceedingly helpful answer for the community. Is it too hard? Too basic? The subject?

This the main reason there are no takers is that the .dyn and .rvt file that @salvatoredragotta asked for were never provided :wink: They are nowhere to be found in the post even after you wrote that you added them :slight_smile:

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Yeah I read that as Revit and dynamo version numbers – which I did add.

I’ve updated the OP to include the dynamo code file.

Sounds like you want to apply at Level 2. Is this along the lines of what you were looking for?


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I had not thought about that approach (forgotten it actually) but the graphic is of the unexpected output I mentioned in the OP. I’m continuing to play with it too. Thanks for the idea. :slight_smile:

Updated the OP as the problem has been solved.