I’m digging into how to brace different structures in dynamo, and I want to do something like marked in red beneath (On all sides). Does anyone have a good idea for this?

I’ve tried a number of methods, but end up in list managment hell every time…

slett meg3

Hi Jostein,

I am pretty sure that the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to do this would probably be by lofting the curves into a surface and applying Lunchbox’s Diamond Grid generator.

Though to make things more interesting, I think we can try a DS approach. Have a look at the below example:




Dimitar, I’m speechless… Many thanks! :slight_smile:

The whole definition is rather messy at the moment, but I will put it out here once it’s more readable. I’m trying to replicate the roof at Stansted Airport in London.

The original and a little preview so far:

slett meg2

slett meg

That’s seriously cool. Dimitar… DesignScript God.