Parametric form

Hello all,

I tried to automate the adaptive components and the reference curve. But get struct with the below step.

The adaptive components are the floor plates and the curves are the reference geometry.

can somebody solve this?

Thanks in advance.


i can see a survey point icon in your picture which means you are working in the project environment.
First thing to do is to switch to the conceptual mass environment.

Hi @Manoj,

Can you share your dyn and the AC?

If you are using an Adaptive component, ensure that the list it is given is formatted with the number of inputs it has been designed to use.

But if you are trying to create Floor elements directly by using the intersect geometry, why not try this?


Hii Martin,

Please find the .dyn file. I tried as below method. still I couldn’t able to proceed.

Home.dyn (14.4 KB)

I dont have your geometry, so this is the best i can do for you :-).

The issue, as @Ewan_Opie also points out, is that your list structure needs to match the number of points in your AC. So the goal is to have a list of lists of points, which is what the AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints node expects.
So after the Geometry.IntersectAll, i flatten the list at level 3 to get a list of lists of points. But this list holds 3 lists of 4 points which run a long the vertical line. The list structure you are after are 4 lists with 3 points. Use list.Transpose to swop the matrix:

Hope it helps.


wonderfull! thank you for all your help.

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You’re very welcome :slight_smile: