Parameter.CreateSharedParameter does not generate new parameter

Hi, I need to store a string in a new parameter I’m trying to create with the node


It seems to work, since the node returns “Function”.

I’m further trying to store the value in the new parameter with the node


However this doesn’t work and it returns the error:
“No parameter with this name found”

The Workflow worked once but isn’t anymore. I have no idea what the reason is.

I attach the Dynamo file in case someone wants to reproduce the error.

Thank you very much!

NewParameterLayerWalls.dyn (35.8 KB)

hi @ranocchio ,

is your imput strings? you also use speacial signs [{&%$§. Is this nessercary ? Whats the error message?



@ranocchio most probably it can be solved by a passthrough node, give Revit time to create the parameter before setting its value, you can check Transaction End node as well


Also your groupname is missing! @ranocchio


Thank you for your fast reply.
Yes, the input is a string and the special signs are necessary since I want to export the parameter and need this notation. However the special signs shouldn’t be the issue.
The error message is: “No parameter with this name found”

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Yes, it is missing in the file I posted. However, at least for me, it doesn’t change the result.

That sounds plausible.
Unfortunately the passthrough node is a custom node and my company’s firewall does not allow me to download packages. I couldn’t find Python code for the node to create it by myself.
Where would you place the Transaction.End node to avoid that error?

I implemented a passthrough code block. It worked once but since I reopened the project and tried to use the workflow again it returns the same error as before :confused:

What is the Error-Message?

It still shows me the same error:
“No parameter with this name found”
I did not include a screenshot since the error message gets displayed in german.
However, I managed to solve my problem. Instead of using the


node, I’m using


since it still meets my needs. I have no idea why it works with one node and doesn’t work with the other.
Nevertheless, the passthrough node depicted below is necessary to generate the new parameter before dynamo tries to pass the value.