Passthrough, how can i understand that?


Hello Dynos,

How can i understand this commend, it seems to be very simple. It is just made by Codeblocks!
What can i acctualy do with a node like this?
Does anyone have a practical use?

I am glad about any info



I think that this node will wait with the execution of a portion of a graph until something else is finished.
Lets say, you create Sheets. This node will stop the placement of views on those until all Sheets are created.


I used it in a routine where i assigned multiple Shared Parameters to multiple family files in Background and wanted to ensure that the document does not close before the parameters are assigned.


I still try to find some understanding.

So it looks for i call a list via index(?)
Can i compare it with the pythonNode “pass”?



Hey… If you double click on it, you can open it and see exactly how it works… it just doesn’t execute until something else happens… it is not a null as such, just a delay… which I don’t think Python needs because it is able to call variables in a linear manner… Dynamo can have multiple ‘threads’ combining, and as Marcel stated, you do not want to put a view onto a sheet until the sheet is created… you need to sequence correctly.

Hopefully that makes sense and is correct.


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It is simply just creating a list and then getting the first item in the list. So it could be rewritten as:


Or you could even simplify it further and just do a code block with:


It acts as a gate because Dynamo has to “collect” all of the items in the list before passing the contents on to the next node.