Create Shared Parameters with the "Parameter.CreateSharedParameter" Node

Hi forum,

I am trying to create a bunch of Shared Parameters (SP) for a major TitleBlock review.
Revit creates the parameters but the Node “Parameter.CreateSharedParameter” gives me the following error:
" Warning: Parameter.CreateSharedParameter operation failed.
Invalid parameter type."

The other Problem is that every Parameter is assigned to all the Categories in the Category List ( Sheets & Project Information) and not like i intended: only the one in the CSV.
I allready checked Lacing of the node, it is set to “shortest”
i attached all the files except the Revit project since i used a blank project.
I had to change the csv extension to “txt” for the platform to accept it.

i am running
Revit 2017.2

Any ideas what i am doing wrong?

thanks a lot in advance

CreateSPwithDynamoAndCSV.dyn (15.2 KB)

Input - Copy.txt (809 Bytes)

If you have still problem, look at here:


Thanks for relinking @Manel_Fernandez
However, this topic is about project shared parameter, not family document shared parameter.

But as @Manel_Fernandez writes, @pipapongo0909 you need to understand how you feed the node.

i have the same problem and when i check in the model the parameters are created but all type parameters is define with the first type from list and my shared parameters files is not valid.
(For information, i use the orchid v.200)

How can i find the solution because i have controlled all nodes or testing like the tutorial of Mr Aussie on , and nothing. It’s “nul” in dynamo and wrong in object and the SP file is broken?

i really thank you in advance.