Packing Multiple Views On A Sheet Logically

I have been struggling with the idea of packing views on a sheet in a logical order and was wondering if anyone had any ideas/solutions for the best way to accomplish this goal. It seems to get really tricky when you want to pack views while leaving as little white space as possible.

order of placement.pdf (256.6 KB)

Do you have a working graph that you want to show so we can help? Alternatively if you dont check this out

Please advise

Thanks for the quick response, I do not have a graph at this time, as I have essentially just been using the sheet.bynamenumbertitleblockandviews node. My ultimate goal is to have dynamic view placing, so although the place by points can be helpful I would ideally like to have the option to essentially adjust the spacing between the views rather than identifying the point of insertion(similar to the diagram with very little white space left over).

The link ive shared has that ability to preview but that is still a predefined position. What you after is for me practically impossible. Some in the forum/community may have done this but maybe not willing to share. If you only after the white spaces can i asked do you care what views to go to the sheets or you just want them filled up with random views? My answer will determine what your reply.

I am looking to place elevations in order by N,E,S,W and to have them fit on a page with limited blank space as to ensure the set is not made longer arbitrarily

I will look into the link you sent a little more to see if I can tailor it to my needs. Thank you for that post

Ok if thats the case you can do this with the post but will be completely manual as you will see the preview and start adjusting to suit for each sheets. Also the views you placing are their scale already defined? There is another way but through excel, basically if you can have a list of all your view names and their scale you can potentially mathetically compute whats goes in each sheet down to the very least of white space. Once you have got your list you can just feed that to dynamo and you got your sheets with views and with minimal white space.

The scale and view template are already defined…(as the elevations are already made) It would just be a matter of placing them on sheets. The problem that I have been running into is that each elevation has a different width, which has made it difficult to pack by a template sheet, I’m going to try to dive more in depth into the link you sent me, but my python experience is very limited so it may take some time. I would be interested in the excel version of what you are describing…

Ok here is the idea…
If you drag a view (say 1:100) a section to a sheet you can see what area it will occupy you do this to the other views you want to be on the sheet until you have an idea each scale occupy per view on a sheet. Record your findings on excel and start mapping each views on an excel table vs the sheets you think it should be placed due to its scale. So in your excel table it would assume you will have a column view name. sheet number (repeated depending on the views that you want to go in). View scale. View location (x.y.z). Once done the dynamo graph will do the rest…thats it in a nut shell…

Got it thanks again, ill try to run down both options…
Appreciate all the responses

@Architecture_Faster, did you have any luck figuring this out for placing views on sheets dynamically?