Place multiple views and control the view's position on same drawing sheet?

Hello all,

I know that Dynamo can generate drawings from excel and add Revit views. I am wondering is it possible to place multiple views on the same drawing by Dynamo?

Thanks for your attention and help.

Hi @carol.poon


I was looking for this kind of solution for placing views on existing sheets. Thanks for this…

Hi Kulkul,

Thanks for the visual explanation, I have one query - What if I want to specify the exact sheet number out of many sheets in which I would like to push these views?

Thanks …Ramyo

That’s exactly what i am showing in the example above. I am collecting the sheet by number using sheet collector custom node.

Hi Kulkul,

Thanks for elaborating, missed it from my end here.

I will experiment with multiple floors placed in different sheets and let you know if I face any issues.


Thanks for your help! Appreciated!

I made the script according to your video and it works. Is it only works for single drawing? How about I create multiple drawings and assign specific views at the same time?

Hi Carol. It works for multiple views as well. The procedure is the same connect list of sheets, list of views and list of points.

Can’t see the image? :slight_smile:


How do you define the list of points?, that corresponds to what


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Hi Kulkul,

I was trying this script, the script works fine for all the steps, but no views are placed finally, please help. Thanks.Place views.dyn (18.8 KB)

Hi everyone,

Any enlightened user to help with that? I tried to apply the idea from @Kulkul to multiple sheets but I’m not getting anywhere…

To give some context: I have 76 sheets and, for each one, I would like to place 03 different views (therefore I have 228 (76 x 3) different images to place.

The maximum I could achieve was having all images being placed on the same sheet (1st item in my list of sheets).

Many thanks!

I just figured out what was happening, so I’m sharing it to help anyone that may face the same problem.

This time I’m using Rhythm’s Viewport.Create instead, but I think the previous graph wasn’t working is the same.

The culprit was unmatching list items.

The graph worked after I used a List.Cycle (x3) in the output from the Springs Collect.Sheets to make all my 03 lists (Sheets, Views, and Points) match in terms of structure and quantity of items.

Thank you for sharing, but the picture you shared can’t see the name of the node, can you share it again

Hi Suliuxin,

I didn’t realize that the titles were missing. The attached version would do.
Thanks and hope it helps.