Place the views on the sheets

Hello ,
I need to place the views on the sheets using dynamo.
After creating the views and sheets on revit, I exported the sheet list and the view list to excel to define the views to insert in each sheet.
I tried to create a dynamo script that gets the information from the Excel file to place the views on the sheets but I was not successful …
I have 8000 views and 800 sheets to prepare for the technical and architectural synthesis, I didn’t want to have fun placing the views one by one.
Please find attached two extracts from the script and the excel file as well as the dynamo file.
Thank you in advance for your response


I’m not sure which nodes you’re using for placing views onto your sheets, I like using the ones out of Rhythm. I made a LinkedIn post a while back that shows a boilerplate for placing multiple views onto sheets and one view per sheet. Hopefully, this helps you on your way!

Bonjour ,
je veux placer des vues sur des feuilles qui existe déjà en partant d’un fichier excel .
J’ai essayé avec un autre script mais j’ai le neod Sheets viewports qui ne fonctionne pas
Le script en pièce jointe TEST DEMO PLACE VIEWS ON SHEETS.dyn (70.5 KB)

I made a script that creates views and places them on sheets while setting multiple parameters for each view. The script reads an excel file that lists which views go on each sheet and where to place them.

SHEET CREATION_R2020 v5.dyn (386.3 KB)

The script is very complex and difficult to understand, but perhaps you can learn something that might help you.