Packages failing to load from C drive

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Recently we have been testing moving our packages from a network drive to the C drive, more specifically, the programdata package folder. I’ve noticed now for some reason that a large majority of packages are failing to load, as “they did not have a signed certificate”. I tested removing archi-lab and reinstalling it via the dynamo interface, which looked fine whilst i had it opened. The moment i closed dynamo and relaunched, the same failure to load re-occurred. This is happening for about 20 different packages within Revit 2022/Dynamo 2.12. I’m not sure how to resolve this? All the dll files are unblocked and ive run powershell again to mass unblock just incase, yet the errors occur. Note, there were no issues with the network drive location, we are simply looking to improve load speeds by moving to C drive.


this location is special and requires the packages to be signed with a windows signing certificate. You’ll have to use a different location.


Oh i see, is that the case with all C drive locations? If we were to make a custom folder at the program data level, would it still need a certificate? Trying to do this in a way, where if a user receives an older laptop, they wont need the packages re-installed.

The standard appdata folder should work. You could also try to create C://DynamoStuff, but your specific operating environment could block stuff - test before you try to push.

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thanks for the info, i’ll do some testing

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In my experience you cant beat appdata. It also means if you use it then default installs will already point to it.

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