Packages wont load

Hi everyone,

I have a user who is currently using:
Revit 2023.1.2
Dynamo Revit

I am trying to run a script on the users PC, but the custom packages are refusing to load from the default location. I have copied the packages to the usual location ( C>Users>User>Appdata>Roaming>Dynamo>Dynamo Revit>2.16>packages) but the packages do not show up in Dynamo. Also, I cannot download them, as they are seen as installed through the package manager.

We have checked and removed any and all possible permission restrictions to that file path for the user and still nothing is loading…
Any ideas or suggestions on how to get this working?
Thanks so much.

@Sigma, maybe clean Packages folder and install them again, not just copy?

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If you downloaded the packages off the internet, make sure you remove the mark of the web before unzipping.

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Thanks so much for the responses!
@Vladimir that suggestion worked, thanks alot.
Still cant understand why the packages path was blocked, but it’s working for now.
Thanks again!