Package for linking models

Hi Dynamo users,

For those of you who need to link multiple Revit models, manage them in worksets and/or want to be efficient at that, I may have a solution for you. The small package LinkIt contains three nodes dedicated to three different ways of linking models.

Based on code found in the work by Augusto Goncalves/Nicklas Østertgaard, each node will link a model following a selected filepath and create an instance of that link. I added the possibility to choose import options (shared coordinates, origin to origin and base point to base point), the possibility to place your links on selected worksets, and another to pin them in place. The nodes support single or multiple inputs.

Nodes have been tested in Revit 2018 and 2019, and in Dynamo 1.3 and 2.0. Hopefully they’ll work in older versions as well. On a side note, you might have to select “Use Default Value” in Dynamo 2.0, i’m unsure about how the inputs behave when you download the package.

Feel free to share any experience you had with the package.



Hi Jonathan, thank you very much for sharing your package. It helped me a lot!
I have just one more question: are you able to add the option to check/uncheck the “Room Bounding” Type Parameter for the linked Revit model? That would be awesome!

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You can do that by using SetParameterByName(TypeOrInstance) from the Rhythm Package

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You are totally right. It was a stupid question from me!

Hi jonathanatger,

I tried to develop a dataset using your LinkModel.SharedCoordinates node(thank you) to link multiple models(in same shared coordinates) and assigned its own workset(created in the data set as well) but unfortunately i couldn’t manage to work it properly. If you find time, please have a look.

Im using Revit 2017 and Dynamo 1.3.3
See dataset attached.


cheers, Cris

Hi Cris, the LinkModel Nodes work with worksets, not the Workset Id. Have you tried that ?

Hi John!
Yeah i tried that as well, also disabling it. I think the problem is on reading the filepath. Any idea?

cheers, Cris

There seems to be a few issues. Revit 2017 doesn’t allow to choose the import placement of the link (shared, at origin…) using the method currently in the nodes (Revit 2018 and onwards). Basically, modified version of the nodes would be needed for that version of Revit.

Secondly, it seems the syntax for the inputs of the custom nodes that works in Dynamo 2.0 causes single inputs to turn into lists in Dynamo 1.3, causing the node to malfunction. I will find a way around that issue.

The package LinkIt was merged with the package Morpheus, which contains all the nodes up to date and corrected. This decision allows to keep all the nodes at the same place.
Please download the Morpheus package to have access to the nodes.

Great package, thank you!
Two suggestions/questions:
Our models are stored on BIM360 Docs. Is it possible to direct the filepaths here?
Is it possible to make an option to choose wich worksets that you want to be opened when linking the models? (So worksets containing dwg-/Revit-links, reinforcements an so on, doesn’t get included)

Hi Espen,

Concerning your first question, I have a solution but keep in mind I never worked with BIM360 and had to create a dummy project to conduct tests. Autodesk has released a ‘Desktop connector’, which upon install allows you to have access to your files in your browser (Google Drive/Dropbox style), and therefore a direct filepath. It doesn’t seem to download the files on your computer unless needed and worked well for me.

For your second question, I updated the nodes. A new input allows you to specify strings that appear in the names of the worksets you wish to keep closed. In the following example, every workset containing “Shared” or “ARC” will remain closed.

Edit : the nodes are maintained in the Morpheus package as of now. :wink:

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Thank you Jonathan, this looks very promising!

I downloaded the Morpheus package to link my models. The node LinkModel.OriginToOrigin didn’t work. I then downloaded the LinkIt package and those nodes worked.

Hi jdjohnson260

Sorry to hear that. What was the error ?

I spotted the new input in the nodes didn’t have a default value, causing the node to output ‘Function’ when this input wasn’t met with a value. The corrected nodes were uploaded a minute ago !

is there a version compatible with 1.3?

i need to link via shared coordinates. I downloaded the package but it says, corrupted. Maybe because I’m using a lower version of dynamo.


Unfortunately Nodes made for Dynamo 2.X don’t seem to be retro-compatible ! I tried to have them work for both versions but I ran into issues with the inputs and converted everything to the newer standards.

Can this be used to link in models from ‘Revit Server’?

Hi Justin,

I’m used to working on a ‘server’ but that might not be ‘Revit Server’. As long as you have a filepath towards the model it should work.

Thanks, Revit Server (to the best of my knowledge) is essentially an older collaboration version of BIM 360. The path looks something similar to this, where the crossed out portion is a company’s Revit Server name: