Managing worksets in revit links with dynamo

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if is it possible to CLOSE worksets starting by “Z” and the Workset1 in all the Revit Links with Dynamo.

I have unleast 30 revit links and I don’t want to do it manually at every time some one creates a new workset.

Hi @alfredo.cortes, can you post your graph of what you’ve done in Dynamo so far?

I would start with the “Element.GetElementsFromLinkedModel” node and see where it takes you.

Hey @alfredo.cortes

I was wondering if you have made any progress in this area?


A custom node (Manage Worksets of RevitLinkInstance) already exists in Genius Loci package :


Hi there,

I used the script for the models. When the central models are on my drive, it works. But it does not work if the models are on BIM360.
Do you know another way to make it work?

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You can try with the Autodesk Desktop Connector, which allows you to use a direct filepath but no guarantee that it will work.