Can you assign a linked revit model to a workset through dynamo?

I can assign any other elements to a workset except a linked model, has anyone an idea on how to achieve this?

You have to get the instance of the link, not just the link. Then you should be able to assign it like other elements.

I’m not a pro but this is working for me. If somebody more experience can make this code better, please do :slight_smile:

Not sure you need the nodes with a red slash through them, as The If node isn’t receiving a test and the values are the same if it’s true or false so the result will always be the workset you want to use in any case.

Also, best to use one workset per link. Can’t tell you how many model performance issues I have resolved by following that one rule and using load partial worksets on open.

Thanks @JacobSmall,I’ll take note on the nodes you mark.

Actually, i wan’t it to be per discipline. Archi in one workset, mechanical in another etc…

I don’t know how to automate that yet.

I recommend looking into the name of the link as a starting point. :slight_smile:

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I plan to use “Get Documents” node and feed that to data shapes node instead.