Linked Models in Revit

I am taking a crack at Dynamo after seeing some really cool sessions at AU 2014. Being relatively new I may be overlooking something simple but I can’t find a way to reference rooms from a linked model. Has anyone found the ability to do this?

I thought I heard Marcello mention it in his session. I have also looked around and rarely see anyone mentioning linked models. I did find the add-in package from clockwork that lets you see what is linked but does not seem to interact with it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You’ll need package SteamNodes by Julien Benoit. The node you’ll want to use is called Element.GetFromLinkedFile …

I’m running and I can’t seem to get this node to work. Maybe I’m not plugging something in right. Can anyone define for me what nodes I should be using for the inputs?

Works with the node Get.Documents

Rooms from link

It seems I am able to get the rooms but dynamo refuses to let me locate elements in rooms. In this case I am trying to find spaces within the room. If the room and space are in the same model, no problem, it just works. Is there a limitation somewhere I am not aware? There is an example here that seems to do exactly what I am trying to achieve with success: