Bind Revit linked models as groups by Dynamo

Hi all,

I am new to the forum, and I understand that this it not a “ to do tasks for you” community. However, I am really interested is there a way to bind linked Revit models by using dynamo?

I have heard that in the “ Springs” package, you can copy the elements from linked models. However, if there are more than 10,000 elements need to copy, Revit would keep notify that there are families already existing in the model. So you would need to click “ Yes” for so many times.

So my question is, would it possible to group elements in the linked Revit models and then bind/copy to the central model?

Thank you

Hi @rc707

Unfortunately Revit API doesn’t have functionality to bind link models.

Yes you can copy elements from link model by using this node:

May be you can write python so that you don’t have to press “Yes” many times.



Thanks a lot for your reply.

I would try to write a python first to tackle the issue. Will update if I have the solution.

did you find solution?

Hey there @rc707 I know this is an old post but do we have a solution for this yet?

Still not possible via the API at this time. There are other ways to automate this, but they’ll all involve significant customization and will likely take longer to build and maintain then is saved by manually executing the task.

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Thanks @jacob.small