Move linked model to a point

Hello, I am working on a new project in which the main idea is to have different equipment models that depend on the type of room to link them in the project and insert them automatically in the center of the rooms according to their name and in so many rooms there are with that same name.

For now I have not been able to link the model directly from the dynamo. I had to do it in Revit and then select it from dynamo. And this point is one that I don’t even know if it is possible to do it.

What I could do is get the Coordinate System of the linked model and move it to a desired point, but I can only move it in Dynamo, not the linked model in Revit.

Anyone has any idea the how I can do this?

you can use Element.MoveByVector node, but you probably need a Transaction.Start before and one Transaction.End after.
The vector can be created with Vector.ByTwoPoints, using as inputs the link’s origin and the final point.

I followed your instructions and it worked almost perfectly. Surely it will be because I do not know how it works but I didn’t use the nodes Transaction.Start and Transaction.End.

And I said almost perfectly because my next step is duplicate the linked model the same number of room with the same name and locate it every one in each room.

I’m working on it but any idea is accepted.

There is an Element.CopyByVector from the Clockwork package that works in the same way.

However I would probably import the file in a family and place the family where you need with FamilyInstance.ByPoint.

Please also show always your effort and take a look here:

Thank you so much for all the help.

Here is the script result

That is the first step. Now I have to work trying to extract the information from the global parameter of the linked model. But just getting it positioned in all the rooms is a great advance for me

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