Override linked element color by id

Is there a way to change the color of linked element by its id ??
I need this cause i have master model contains a lot of links and i have clash report that shows the clashes between elements and also shows thier id numbers … I want to make this id as an input to highlight or get linked element colored
i did the code as shown below but nothing happened


Did you try to override colors of linked elements in Revit ?
It’s not currently possible :

It’s only possible to override the colors in dynamo preview.

The best solution to override the colors will probably be to use view filter. You can also create the view filter with dynamo.

You could also place clash spheres on the linked elements to visualize the clashs.


Does a filter in the current model still need the exact same categories, for the parameter, as the linked model has? Sometimes my filters strangely only works when it does.

Hi Marcel,

Are you thinking of shared parameter applied in the current and in the linked document ?
I never had this problem of unpredictable view filter behavior.