OverrideColor Of Linked

Hello everyone on the forum!
I thought of doing something I do manually via routine:
I paint the “OST_StructuralFraming” pattern from a linked to a view template

Can I do this via dynamo? I tried as follows but it didn’t work

If so, can I make and save the 3d view model after running the routine?

Hello …You cant override color in view on link…but looks like what you try do, is override categori…

Another way could be create a filter


Hi @sovitek . Thanks for replying.

It turns out that in this case, it won’t color because it doesn’t have any elements modeled in the drawing, nor with the filter I was able to color =/

try to disconnect your “fill pattern” from cut line pattern… try you category without OST…and if you dont have any elements in that category it will fail

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Thanks @sovitek
According to what you commented, there were no more mistakes! Thank you!
However, the “StructuralFraming” is a link, I only have elements of it loaded as a link and not modeled, so it wasn’t possible to color the element to highlight it

hey… do you already had a filter assigned to that category ?

@sovitek I do, but I’ve been trying to color the element because then I would do a select element only for those with conflicts with installations (that way I would paint only those with conflicts like navisw.), but anyway, I’ll keep working only with filters.

Great…sounds like more you try to isolate some elements…good luck

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