Color RevitLink - Where is the Custom display node?

Hi there,

I’d like to color entirely a Revit link with Dynamo, by give it a color and a linkinstance.

Traditional way = Visibility/Graphic -> RevitLink -> and change “By Host View” to “Custom”.
And after, select all the categories and set the color manually,

But it’s long if we have a lot of link.

So here is where I am now,

So I guess the trick is : Find a way to acces Custom display of revit link from VisibilityGraphics in Dynamo… But don’t know if any node can provide such a function.

Does someone has an idea ?

Thanks by advance ! :slight_smile:


PS : the node used are from GeniusLoci, BimMorph, Rhytm, Quasar

Actually it’s not possible, there is currently no API access to changing which linked worksets are visible in a view.


Thanks Poupin for your response,

I Got it,