Linked model Fire walls color coordinating

hello, I am hoping to find a way to color coordinate fire rated walls in a linked arch model so that in plan view (or 3D view) I can easily see which walls need fire dampers without having to manually select every single wall in the entire model. Is that even possible? Maybe can you place a colored band on top of everywalls cut plane so that you can see it or something maybe? Right now I am having trouble filtering out which walls are not fire rated walls out of my list. This is what I have so far: Thanks!

Hi @mix ,
isn’t that something that could be done with a revit filter?


No because its in a linked model. I have to color the wall based on its type name in a linked model. Filters dont dig that far into linked models.

It is possible to use filters on type names on a linked model you should try it out w

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Unfortunately Revit doesn’t allow us to override color for link elements :frowning: . Alternatively you can override it in Dynamo though :slight_smile:

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Does this mean that I can only view the red walls in dynamo? I am getting this error message when I do it. Whats going on? Dynamo enters an endless loop and I have to close revit…

Can I use direct geometry to copy in the walls in the current view from the linked model and color those and then delete them from that view when I am done looking at them? Or maybe set a ten second timer up that will delete them automatically after 10 seconds of running the script? Why cant I see the walls in dynamo? Trying to create walls from direct shape but it keeps crashing revit:

Hello, could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks!

A simpler solution is to create a filter in the link model, then apply it to a view and link that specific view to your model.

In Revit 2016 :


done manually? any code for this?

For those that can afford it, CTC BIM Project Suite does this beautifully