Override Graphic Settings (Cut fill pattern)

OverrideGraphicSettings.ByProperties node has error in Cut fill pattern, any ideas?

Hi @fathy.gad

Looks like “CurFillPattern” expecting boolean currently your feeding “Element.Id”.

How could a Boolean be the required input? It is looking for a type of fill patterns to be applied.

I can’t get it to work either. Neither elements, name, boolean or element ID work as inputs.

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Everything @Paul_Wintour says :slight_smile: + View.OverrideGraphicSettings might do what you want :

(just make sure the FillPatternTarget of the pattern you chose is Drafting)


That’s a bug that was reported here: https://github.com/DynamoDS/DynamoRevit/issues/1334

if you download a daily build then it was fixed. i am not sure when the next stable version will come out. Until then you can use what @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi is suggesting which is nodes from archi-lab package.

Please see my answer. It was explained there in detail. :slight_smile:

@Konrad_K_Sobon Thanks for that. Much clearer now. Took a bit to understand that they were actually Archi-lab nodes, not OOTB Dynamo nodes.

I am actually trying to set filter colours on a view template. I am not trying to override a category in a view. I’m almost there but the ‘View.SetFilterOverrides’ is not working. The viewFilters and GraphicSettings lists are both the same length and lacing is set to longest. Any ideas why this is not working?

if you are going to use archi-lab nodes make sure you use all of them not just some. Try not to mix and match. I am thinking the View.Filters node at the beginning. It looks like OOTB to me.

That’s not what is causing the issue here. You plugged in a View Filter into the View input. ViewTemplate is the correct input there. Try that.

The archi-lab GraphicSettings won’t work with the OOTB view.setfilteroverride. Don’t even bother there.


Boom. Thanks Yoda! The View.Filter node is Revit OOTB but it still works.

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