OverrideGraphicSettings by element for selected view

HI All,
i am trying to create some Elements Filter in view. I am almost done it but i still have a Problem with OverrideGraphicSettings.ByProperties. I want to create a random Color for cutFillColor and for projectionFillColor, but i have random Color in projectionFillColor and just one Color in cutFillColor. If I only select projectionFillColor or cutFillColor then I have even a monochrome Color.

ViewFilters.ByCategoryAndParameter.dyn (94.1 KB)

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@nik_davydov_1992 I have tested you Dynamo and it is working given you have “Type Name” in the first String.

hi, the problem is not in this string, but in the OverrideGraphicSettings.ByProperties. As you can see in the first image, I have random color for Surface area but not for cut. I want that it would be same Color.

I see what you mean. For some reason that I don’t understand (quite new to Dynamo myself) :blush: its taking the last randomized color and using it for the rest of the overrides. However, there is a good related topic that might help sort your Dynamo.Creating Filter Rules - List Manipulation

I’m guessing it’s your input structure along with the cross-product lacing. Remove the lacing and try with list levels @L1 for both color inputs.

If that doesn’t work we’ll need to see the output from the color node and the override node.

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Thanks, its work!

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