Problem with 'Override Fill Pattern in View' node

I am having an issue with the Archi-Lab Override Fill Pattern in View node. I believe I have it wired up correctly, but obviously I don’t as I get the error message below. What am I doing wrong?


You have to feed the node a fill pattern element, not just a string with it’s name.
Using the element types like you have for the walls but using fill patterns, then filter for the element named “Solid fill”. Once you’ve isolated the element feed that in and the node should work as expected

@Jimmy_G thanks for the input. I have tried the graph you provided in addition to using the “Fill Pattern” node from Archi-Lab and both return the FillPatternElement yet both have the same errors when plugged into the “Override Fill Pattern in View” node.

Thanks again for the help

Make sure list match: if you have 10 walls, then you must have 10 colors and 10 fill patterns.

Thanks to all for the responses and suggestions. It turned out I had the lacing incorrectly set to Shortest and once I changed it over to Longest everything worked fine

Is there any way to delete you desire solid fill when you have multiple solid fill.