Overide fill pattern in a view

The highlighted one works but the red one doesn’t. Am I missing something?

Hi @tsandersin_tsandersi

I think it is because your using 1.3 dynamo version. I am not sure if Rhythm pacakge nodes are updated to 1.3. May be the Author @john_pierson can put some lights on this.

@kulkul Override Fill Pattern isn’t mine. :slight_smile:

It is archi-lab, @Konrad_K_Sobon

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Yep sorry @john_pierson. @tsandersin_tsandersi Are you using latest archi-lab package? If not install the latest archi-lab package that has been updated to 1.3 version.

@tsandersin_tsandersi you might be better off using the OOTB nodes added by Konrad himself.


Ah, UPDATE I should of know will do, THANKS!