Override element graphics in selected view


Seems like a simple enough thought, but can’t seem to find a node that does it - is there a node that will override the graphics in view for a selected, rather than the active view?

  • I wouldn’t mind being able to select a perspective view and overriding in that, which dynamo isn’t available in. (I imagine it’s a bit like vray for revit has to work)

Hi Kent,
What are you trying to override?

Projection Lines, Cut Patterns, Surface Patterns…?

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Oooh. Good thought- lines and surfaces typically

Have a look at their Dynamo course on view filters etc. It cover Graphics Overrides. Let me know if this does what you want.


Noticed these nodes in the dailies.
Couldn’t get them to work, but seems like they could serve the purpose

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a couple of workflows that seem to work:


Using the nodes from Think Parametric / Archi-lab package you could override elements by Category instead of having to create a View Filter. There is a limited number of filters that can be added to views and I usually reserve those for more complicated things than just making sure that all my walls have a “Fill Color”.

If you prefer to manage View Overrides with View Templates you can do that as well just by overriding a Category in a View Template like so (again using the nodes from Think Parametric + Archi-lab):


Is it also possible to acces the “OverrideGraphicSettings.SetProjectionLineColor” in Python? I can find OverrideColorInView in Python but can’t find it anywhere to change the projection line color.

Hi Vikram,
Could you please tell which package are these nodes present in? I’m trying to locate these nodes.

They are now in Dynamo OOTB. I am closing this conversation as it’s over a year old.