Element.geometry mod

Is it possible to override color of <element.geometry> which return list of lines on certain view?

Hi @pawel.b,

To color the Iines in Dynamo use the GeometryColor.ByGeometryColor node with a Color Palette node.
Right click on the nodes which create the geometry lines prior to the GeometryColor.ByGeometryColor node and disable the preview for them.


Thanks, unfortunately this doesnt solve my problem. I am trying to override part of the lines (selected out of element and filtered by element.geometry) on revit view.

If you want to override the color of lines in Revit, simply remove the Element.Geometry node.

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No. I pick up some of the lines from element.geometry node to override.

@pawel.b Seems like you’re attempting to change the color of selected lines within a Revit component/family
Not sure if that is possible. However, you could overlap/cover the existing lines with the desired colors in a view like this. I’ve used a Parking Space Family in the example below

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Exactly! This is available manually in Revit through Linework Tool hence I am trying to achieve that in dynamo

I believe that this is only accessible in the API through a postable command, which means there isn’t much capability in the API.

The method Vikram shows above is likely the closest you’ll get, but those results will not be dynamic so if the family changes shape/location over time then you’ll need to update them all manually.

Alternatively you could nest a family in the family as a shared family you can grab the nested instances and override those, which can be easily scaled up to any size of issue.

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