Override color multi-category tags on all views based on host element parameter value

Hello all,

Apoligies for not posting a graph, but i just dont know where to start.

I feel like it would be relatively simple to get my desired result but i cant find that much info about it.

I need to give certain multi category tags a color override based on a parameter value of their host.
The last part i can manage, but i dont know how to select all multi category tags of a certain family, and then select their host.

Can anyone start me up here?

In short:

How do i select a multi category tag and then find out what the element is that its tagging?

Also: If i want to override color by element, how would you do this in Dynamo? I know the node overide graphics node exists but there isnt an option for color in the create override node.


@MVE1112 See if this gets you started:

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I seem to be getting an error message when trying to use multi-Category tags as category


@MVE1112 Are the tags associated with elements from a linked model?

They are tagging a generic model, which contains an imported DWG file

This should help you out:

Thanks a lot!

I almost got it to work now…

I seem to be only able to get tagged element if it’s a generic model:

Some tags are tagging structural framing and those arent showing up in the list above.
I find it odd that i get an empty list for a tag, since you cant place a tag without a host…

All elements in the upper watch node are generic models or speciality equipment.
I am missing the elements that are structural framing

Ah, the steel is in a linked model.

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Use the SelectByCategory in Document node of Genius Loci package to retrieve this linked tags.

Thank you for your reply Alban,

The problem im seeing now is that i cant use these lists to filter with.
I need the list of host elements to contain as many items as the tag list, so i can filter the tag list by boolmask based on type parameter filter of the second list.

For example what i would like to see here:
If it cant select an element because it is in a linked model, i want to see an empty spot in my list like so:
I need to keep number of elements in the list the same as the number of tags

Hi AmolShah,

I am almost done but i am wonderning, is there a node that allows me to input a list of views?
Since the override color in view node works only in the active view i need to run this script on every view where the tag is visible.

I would like to enter a list of tags, and a list of all views.

I know about the override graphics in view node, but i am not sure what override graphics i need to create for it to work…

My best guess would be i only need to override the projection line color of the tag in view to get the desired result but this doesnt work.

You can select multiple views like this

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It should work :

It seems that you don’t have the latest version of the Genius Loci package.

Tags are view-specific so you can’t tag the same tag in multiple views because that tag exists in a single view.

I can’t believe I didn’t realize this, yikes.
I am going to update the package and try your example, does this need a view input or not since this is a view specific element?

There is an input by default : the active view.
So it’s up to you to choose.


Thank you, this works!
I updated the package.

I will report back once i get everything working.

I guess I have the same problem - I’m trying to override tags’ color only for windows with “faible” intervention parameter.
The problem is, the Element Override Color node doesn’t accept strings but elements only… is there another way of filtering these windows? Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the forum!

You need to feed elements:

Great, it works! Only I fed with tags and not tagged elements, otherwise it changes the window color and not the tag color :slight_smile: thank you so much!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: don’t forget to close the issue by use the solution button :slight_smile: