Override color multi-category tags on all views based on host element parameter value

Hey ,
thanks to this forum , i got this to work
Tagging elements depending on a parameter from its host.
See image below

In this situation i have to check for 4 different values of the parameter Fabrication Service , and depending on the value i have to give the tags a different color

As for now i have made my flowchart to check for 2 values , only 2 to add
I think i can just do it in the same way i did the first 2

But my chart is getting pretty big this way , and i am wondering if there is any other way to do it so that my chart will remain cleaner. Not the case now , but i can imagine if you have to check for 10+ values in a parameter , there must be another way to do this

I have to check parameter Fabrication Service for 4 different values (451-452-453 and 454) and apply different color to the tag

Many thanks in advance