Get Parameter Value From Multi-Category Tag

I am trying to figure out how to get the mark parameter value from a multi-category tag that’s host is in a linked model.

Show ur work…teachers use to say


Not straight forward…

Big Thanks to Wombat and @Dimitar_Venkov

Hope that helps.


TagValue.dyn (16.8 KB)


I am pretty new to Dynamo, where do I source the python script from and how to I use it?


Some information here.


I’ve edited the post to include the dyn, double click on Dimitar’s python and have a dig around…



Thanks Mark, that definition works for models where the tag and the host are in the same model but it doesn’t work where the tag’s host is in a linked model. Is there a way to get this to work with a linked model? Also, I am trying to get this to work getting all the tags in a model, not just the tags in an active viewTagText%20Issue_Linked%20Model


See the attached definition I started with. It is working as expected on generic annotations, however I still need a way to query the tag.text values of the multi-category.


Apologies, I didn’t realise the model I tested didn’t have linked elements.

It may be that this information isn’t accessible from the API. I have developed a workflow to check if tags were orphaned, if this useful to you, the property IsOrphaned will work. Otherwise I can’t help.

If you want to get all of the tags, the ‘All elements of category’ node or ‘get all views’ (Genius Loci) might be of use.

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The OOTB node Tag.TagText doesn’t seems to work with linked elements.
On the other hand the archilab node Tag Text works well with linked rooms.

Hi Alban,

Rooms and Spaces seem to have this functionality, the rest of tags don’t seem to…



You’re right.
You can add area category to the list of room and space.

It’s written here than TagText property will not work with other types of linked elements.

“Room, area and space tags are not derived from IndependentTag” so Spatial Element Tags get to access links…

What I am understanding is there is no way to access the Tag Text property through a linked model?

Yes. It is not available actually in the API.

You can make a request to Autodesk at

try this archi lab node

some option with steamnode or spring?