Override color and pattern in every view

I’ve been trying to use the OOTB nodes to override the color of certain elements in every view of my project, but I’ve had no luck. Are there any packages that would allow me to do this?

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Which category can’t you override in your project ?

See the example below if it helps with just OOTB nodes.

The problem is that I’ve filtered certain elements from my pipe category. Those are the elements I want to override, not the entire category.

Maybe this node from Hot Gear package.

It works well for the projection lines and surface patterns.

override 2.dyn (8.8 KB)


And it’s possible to add the cut lines and the cut patterns in the node.

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It keeps crashing when I run the script. I get a warning, but the information still generates.

Made it simpler and still not working.


The problem in the first picture is that I can’t group all of the categories together. When I separate them, they work. However I am still having trouble getting the “apply to all views” to work.

Set lacing on crossproduct on the node View set Element overrides.

okay thanks

You can find the explanation in the Primer :

@jeconlon I could be wrong, but this situation sounds like it would be better handled by creating a filter and using Dynamo to add the filter and its overrides to your views

EDIT: I just realized this is also for all of your elements of the category pipes? Why not change the graphics in the Object Styles in Revit, or the System Type overrides?

I’m only suggesting these alternatives because view/element specific overrides are less simple and efficient to manage, and any new elements that you add will have to have the overrides applied again as well…

Editing again because I realize that they aren’t all of your pipes, only certain ones. I would definitely suggest creating a View Filter and adding that to your views rather than doing view specific element overrides.

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With a view filter, could I get it to color the elements rather than just hiding them? And if so, how do I apply it to all my views at once?

Yes a View Filter allows you to control the graphics in the Visibility/Graphic Overrides

You can create this filter in Dynamo or Revit, and then you can use Dynamo to add the filter to your views and control their graphics with these nodes:

Unfortunately these Hot Gear node “View Set Element Overrides” and graphic overrides dont work with Dynamo 2.3 (which is what Revit 2020 uses)
Any ideas on other pre-built nodes that do this?

Here are some other possibilities :

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Thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner for your help but these nodes do not seem to be working on Revit 2020.2 and Dynamo 2.3. Attached the errors.


Hi Jaime,

Use the nodes of the Genius Loci package instead :
The Hot Gear package has not been updated since almost 3 years.

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Many thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner. I finally got it working. Attached a screenshot to help others with the same issue.

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