Node Issues with Dynamo 2.6.1 for Revit 2021

Having all sorts of issues with Dynamo for Revit 2021. This seems to be a total failure of dynamo and short of a complete re-install of Revit, I am at a loss.

First issue is that I am unable to open existing Graphs. When I hit the open button or use one of the recent files not he some page, dynamo thinks for a while, then usually pops up something that looks like this…

This seems to happen for all graphs.

If I create a new graph, able to create a code block by double-clicking, but I am not able to add any other nodes. They all cause dynamo to lock up.

So far i have updated Revit to 2021.1.3, restarted my machine, and ran a repair. Not really interested in doing a complete uninstall so i thought i would ask here before filing a support case with Autodesk Directly.

Any help would be be greatly appreciated.

This is likely a dll conflict between Dynamo or one of your packages and your Revit add-ins. The specific conflict should be listed in your Revit journal or Dynamo log. You can also review the list of issues in Dynamo by clicking the green ! icon in Dynamo’s menu.

The first thing to try quickly is disabling all Revit add-ins and confirming the issue is resolved. Then close Revit and use a binary search (add back half the add-ins, if the issue turns up than you know it is one of the ones you added back, test half of them; if the issue doesn’t persist you know it was one of the other half, test half the untested ones - this will allow you to id the problematic add-in among 128 in 7 tests) to ID which add-in is at fault.

Thank you! That appears to indeed be the issue. Now i just need to go through and figure out which one it is.

Thanks again.

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Post back once you know so others can learn. Old versions are often the route cause, so you might want to double check that they are all current as well.

What AddIns was it?

Sadly the list is too long and Dynamic to be of use.

  1. Restart your CPU
  2. Disable ALL Revit add-ins
  3. Launch Revit and quit after you get the Home Screen to fully load
  4. Check the journal for API_ERROR lines
  5. Enable all your add-ins
  6. Launch Revit and quit after the Home Screen loads fully.
  7. Check the journal for API_ERROR lines which were not present in step 4. Shortly after or before these lines the add-in in question should be listed.