Overhang to roof


i placed roof on walls boundary but want to give overhang to sides , how can i do it in dynamo ?
plus if anyone can help me how to give dormer in a roof by dynamo , Thanks alot


please mark your previous posts as solved, as people are spending time trying to help you.

If you need a overhang you can simply offset your lines.
I don’t think there is a way in dynamo to create a dormer, also in the RevitAPI it doesn’t seem to exist a method. Maybe someone else knows a way.

Why do you need Dynamo, instead of Revit?


ahh ok i will mark it solved sorry … i wanna do everything on dynamo


@shershahbacha9 Here are your posts that you didn’t mark them as solved:


i marked solved the last three , but before that , on other two posts how can i mark it solved as there no reply


If you think if its not solved then no need to mark wait until someone replies you.