Revit , creating points on stair tread end to insert wood bars in between them

hello i have a problem in revit to create points on every stair tread end to insert adaptive family wood bar in between two treads as seen in the picture

stair3 stair2

what have you tried so far?
I would select the top faces, get the outline, then the specific corner points and connect them.
Let me know if it works :wink:

actually the stairs are generic family which i am modifying so i cant select a single step of stair . All stair are selected . Now i just wanted to create points on ends of each step of points by some means so that i can place adaptive bar over those points

With queries like this, it’s a lot easier to help if you attach stair/generic model and the adaptive component :wink:

  1. Get all surfaces by using an Element.Geometry node followed by a Geometry.Explode.

  2. Get the perimeter curves, and pull their length.

  3. Test the lengths for equality with your known and consistent riser height.

  4. Count the number of ‘true’ elements in the sublists.

  5. Test the count for equality with 2.

  6. Use the count test to filter out the surfaces you had in step 1.

  7. Get the normal at parameter 0.5,0.5 from the excluded surfaces in step 6, and pull the Z value.

  8. Test the Z value for equality with 1.

  9. Filter the excluded surfaces in step 6 by the test results in step 8.

  10. Get the perimeter curves from the included surfaces in step 6.

  11. Sort the curves by length and drop all but the two longest. These curves are the lines at the top and bottom of the risers, where they meet the tread above and below.

  12. Sort the remaining riser curves by their Z value, and drop the first one. This is the line where the riser meets the tread above.

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Thanks i was asking that in revit but i ll try these changes in dynamo

Yes i m using stair generic model with adaptive family of bar attaching

thanks but i am confused from step 3

As in attaching/uploading the actual files.

New folder.rar