Flat roof instead of slopy

hello i placed roof on walls in dynamo but the roof comes flat instead of slopy , need your help please

I don’t think it’s possible with the dynamo node, you need a python/C#/VB script like the one discussed in this topic: Roof Slope script and here http://www.revitapidocs.com/2018.1/110741bf-b041-9f78-0832-ec9f5892cebc.htm.

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thanks lucamanzoni but it must work if this node is there because i am providing slopy roof in types and its giving me flat … i will try in python but i am not good with python coding thats why i was trying here

Well, the roof type is only indicating the materials and the properties of the roof, not the slope.
This depends on the creation method and in the dynamo node there is no input for it.

lucamanzoni i am just placing the generic roof over walls , i am not making roof in dynamo but just placing pre defined roofs . Any help

Even if you manage to make the walls slope forming top for placing roof, I doubt the dynamo roof placement node will make the roof sloping.
Remember how you create the roof in the Revit, you go edit it and place a slope in sketch editing mode. It means you can give the slope in the function who creates your roof. Unfortunately Dynamo predefined node doesn’t have this function.
But @lucamanzoni directed you to a topic where from you could solve your issue

Alternately, you can use a Wombat node called FootPrintRoof.ByEdgesAndSlopes this asks for the edge (lines) and slopes (double) with the corresponding Level.

thanks Alot Mark , it worked