Please advise - creating Walls, Roofs, Ceilings

Hi, guys, please advise, cant create roofs and walls. Here is a screenshot with shown issue and attached DYN.
Seems roof node cant work with multiple inputs? And wall`s note doesn’t work with polygons or closed curves?
About ceiling, it seems to be API limitation to create ceilings. But maybe Dynamo can take already created a ceiling, copy it where required, change type and boundary?

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Explode the polygon and you’ll get lines (and then walls).

Try setting the list levels to @L1 and see if that resolves the roof.

The method you outlined is the only means I know for making ceilings, and it is a painful workaround (and also something I haven’t had to execute myself).

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Thanks, will try your advises tomorrow.
And maybe you know node how to get into boundaries modification for ceiling?