Orientation based on True North

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to obtain different elements based on their True North orientation. All the nodes that i have tried give me the project orientation/vector.

Is there a node or method to obtain the True North orientation/vector?


Hi Vincent,

Have a look at this link http://therevitcomplex.blogspot.ae/2015/04/how-to-keep-north-arrow-symbol-aligned.html?m=1






Sorry for my late response, but I was busy last week.

Thanks for your advice!

Is there another way to select the project base point? I dont want to do this manualy every time i run a script!




Please @Kulkul the method that you referenced in the link above can only change the north symble "Parameter value and it dose not rotate the North symble to that angle value!!!
i tried to add extra node "family instance.setRotation to do so! it works but it dose not update simultaneously i( when i change the true north angle i should unlink and ling again degree parameter again every time! how to fix that #PLEASE HELP !

feed 0 degree to setRotation first