Angle from True North in a link files

Hey guys,
im looking for a way to get the rotation from true north value from a link file

I want to use that value to rotate some elements

I too had a query similar to this. I have setup a masterplan with several instance of a revit link in shared coordinates. Can i extract the values of the project base point of each link (northing, easting, elevation & angle to true north). If I can make it into a schedule or extract these values to excel. Any ideas?

Hi @divin.chiramel,

Use the Get Project Locations node from the Genius Loci package.

Used the node, but its listing the value of internal PBP of each link. I am using revit 2021…will this not work in this version.

Yes, it is what the node does and it is what you asked.
Is there a problem with the coordinates values ?
The Get Project Location node will work with all the last Revit Versions.
You can use Point.X to get the E/W coordinates and so on.

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Yes problem with the returned value, even though I have 4 shared coordinate locations, same value (eg: Point X) is returned for all instances. It should not be, as these links are placed in different locations based on shared coordinates.

Hi, I have the Same Issue Do you have any solution for that