Change project north by angle


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I just found an example that it use Coordinates.SurveyPoint to rotate true north.
Is there a good way to change project north by angle by means of Dynamo nodes? For example, the user can input a angle (45 degree) to rotate the project north clockwise .

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That’s just a parameter of the Project Base Point. You should be able to set it with SetParameterByName.


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The Project Base Point can only be used to set the parameter of “Angle to True North”. Actually, it is used to rotate the true north. However, what I want to achieve is to rotate the project north, by input an angle, when the orientation property is set as Project North. Do you have any other suggestions?

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Is there a reason you can’t just do this manually in Revit? What exactly are you trying to do?



I try to develop an program, and a part of my program is to rotate the project north by angle, where the user can input any angle (0-360) to rotate the project north easily. However, the manual method provided by Revit, can only rotate by 90 or 180 degrees, or you have to align selected line or plane to rotate the project north. I thinks this method is not smart enough.

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You would have to do it with Python.

Jeremy explains a bit here:


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I’ll work on it.

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