Project Base point True north

hi, I have no idea if I am writing this in the correct place, but I would greatly appreciate your help.

I have a project where I have a north arrow on a sheet which I manage to link to the Angle fro, true north parameter from the Project Base point, if I choose the project base point as a select model element. But as I am working up our office template I need this code to know that i want the Angle to True North parameter without people having to open dynamo and editing it.

When i choose as the extract below the north arrow doesn’t change but when I choose the base point it works.

Try getting the project location. I believe there is info about true north in there.

Out of curiosity, why not use the actual north arrow on the plans, or at least make angle to true north a type parameter to minimize the times you’re gonna have to run this?

Hi, Please see attached images.
As far as I understand by doing select model element you extract the parameter value.
By doing anything else you basically creating a list with the desired value which does not mean anything to next node. Solution is apparently creating a new list with very first item of the previous list which will essentially report only the extracted value.!
First one is with ‘select model element’ see highlighted value.

Second one is by selecting elements of category which does not work because, see highlighted value
Finally this is how it works again, see higlighted value.