Open files from revit server




Is there a way to open files from revit server for dynamo automation?


Did you try a string in the file path input with RSN://RevitServerName/Folder/FileName ?


Now I have tried it with // instead of / but not working.

I think the problem comes from the fact that if you put the same link in the open dialog of revit it is not jumping to the location. You have to click on the revit server icon on the side bar.

If you check the image I have string in the file path as there is no way to browse to the revit server.


I have a tool that accesses Revit Server using this path. So im guessing it’s possible


Are you sure you should be using / instead of \ for directory string?


we have tools accessing revit server also, its pretty much possible. What I don’t know how it is possible with dynamo and if the DynamoAutomation package can handle revit server files or not.

This happens when I’m changing to backslash:


That is better than the error before. The first error meant that the filepath was invalid from a “we can’t even read it” point of view. This error just means that the file doesn’t exist at the filepath you entered (either file isn’t there or path isn’t right)


Well, if you get the central path from revit with the below script it gives it to you with // not with \
I’m not entirely sure if this is a better error, it’s like you inputted nothing.

OUT = BasicFileInfo.Extract(doc.PathName).CentralPath


I would say “unable to find the file” is more on the right track than “we can’t even read the file path you wrote” but I can’t find anywhere online that shows how to access the revit server network by its url so I can’t help, sorry.