Get access to Revit server Documents

Hello all Dynamo gurus,

I would like to get access to the revit files stored in a Revit server. I tried some python codes found in other posts of the forum that retrieve file paths of documents, and dynamo packages than manipulate documents and links, as Orchid, Clockwork, Archi-lab, Geniusloci, Rhythm, Zhukoven and more.

I achieved to get the file path string of links or documents opened in the background, but those file paths or directories are not working in package nodes described, because it seems nodes do not recognise the file paths coming from the server.

I did not find an answer looking to the entire forum, perhaps this is a challenge to develop dynamo packages.

I would appreciate if someone knows how to resolve it.


Ruben Romero Vivancos

You can use the REST api to move files on the revit server:

More info on Building Coder:

It seems DynaWeb package has some web request nodes.