Directory path node problem BIM360

Hello everyone,
I am facing the following issue:

I am trying to retrieve the directory path of some revit files saved on BIM360.
I have Autodesk connector installed on my computer therefore I can navigate to the location through the windows folder and I can see the revit file from there. (See attached pic 1)

When I try to select the path from Dynamo though I can only select the last folder but then it does not read the file inside. (See attached pic 2)

I tried to change the path to a local folder and in that case everything works smoothly. (See attached pic 3)

Did anyone ever experienced this?

Notice the status column in tbr file explorer view - all of your models are ‘online’. This status indicates that the files have not been synced to your local disc, and so all you are seeing is a reference to what could be a file on the BIM360 server. More can be found on the status property can be found here:

Because this isn’t the actual file yet, Dynamo and other applications which don’t support desktop connector for direct opening of files cannot see any files. You will need to synchronize the files manually, or by other programmatic means.

Thank you Jacob, it is crystal clear now.

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