File Path


Trying to work through some excel to revit using Dynamo. Immediately hit a road block, How do I set the File path. I see in many examples ‘Browse’ Button which I presume allows me to set a file path. However in Dynamo when I use the File Path node I do not see this option. What am I missing?
File Path

Mike, Check this great blog post and the attached screenshots. There is “Core, input, filepath” and “Core,File, file,filefrompath”

Excel Link

Actually it’s this link

That helps - I was able to path the file and extract information from Revit needed. Small issue I ran into, my computer setup is two computers (one for revit / modeling etc and one from email, word processing, spread sheet) and Dynamo needs Revit and Excel on the same computer. Simple enough fix. But curious if any one has any solutions for writing to and reading a file type such as excel that does not have its host program on the machine.

Hey Mike,

can’t answer that question as I’ve never seen a setup like yours but I’m curious to see why? :slight_smile:



Hi Mike, you can also write to and read a CSV file, which is just a text file, but can act like a spreadsheet.