Now that's just goofy

So you have some filled regions in elevation. They exist on the view’s plane right? Sure looks like it.

Now back to plan and rotate the view.

One would have thought that detail items would just be affixed to the views picture/cut plane.



What do want to achive?



I’m just merging filled regions. Not a big deal. Unless someone has rotated a view in which those regions exist. So I need to just pull them all back to one view plane. Easy enough once you know they are “out there” moving around.

Others might be interested as the boundaries for all these regions don’t really intersect in 3d. Even though they are 2d.

And now they are back where they belong.

What I thought would have happened under the hood, is for details to:

  • Remain static in relation to each other as the view plane changes.
  • Or distort based on the view plane change (true 2d on a 3d sketch plane)
    Discovered this when copy/pasting a filled region to another view. It held onto its origin from the old view and rotated to the current view plane

“There can only be one”