Filled Region Over Floor Following Topography

Hi Dynamo community.

I am trying to create a dynamo script to map a filled region over a floor that follows a topography. The idea is to have the filled region have the actual floor pattern rather than have it map the tessellations of the surface. I still can’t seem to get it to work.

any ideas will help


If you can’t do it in Revit you can’t do it with Dynamo.
As a filled region is a 2D item thats always flat to the view
I think you can only do this with a flat surface

Ah what I’m trying to do is add that filled region in a site plan view so the filled region would be view specific that would follow the outline. It would be for drafting and documentation rather than 3d view.

Also to add a little more clarification, I was attempting to adapt the filled region dynamo script that followed room plans, and have that simply overlay on plan views. I saw an AU seminar where it was done

so you would need the geometry of the tesselated surface and extract only the x and y coordinates of the vertices is that right?
maybe something like this helps a bit:

or this: